Rigging – Deck Foreman jobs in : Sparrows Offshore Services Limited in Abu Dhabi , Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Rigging Foreman shall perform and be responsible for the following: –

• Be responsible for coordinating CONTRACTOR’s Riggers to conduct all vessel lifts and those on the platform as directed by the Crane Supervisor, or COMPANY personnel.

• Rigging Foreman must ensure that persons under their supervision involved in or in the area where materials handling operations are being conducted:

• Are trained in the techniques required for the safe execution of their work.

• Only use equipment that has been inspected and certified in accordance with Company requirements.

• Do not try to manually handle an article beyond their physical capability to manage.

• Understand and follow procedures and Code of Practices.

• Shall be responsible for the management of COMPANY owned and supplied loose lifting equipment.

• Be conversant with loose lifting equipment rigging loft management procedures i.e. maintain a lifting equipment data base & issuance register consisting of the following:

• Inventory of equipment.

• Test certificate.

• Damage loss report register.

Booking in & out sheets detailing the name of person using equipment, date of issue, description.

• In line with COMPANY’s Bi-annual lifting equipment campaign assist TPI with inspection & re-certification of lifting equipment.

• Maintain loose lifting equipment in a safe and operable condition.

• Carry out pre use inspection of loose lifting equipment.

• Carry out minor repairs to loose lifting equipment i.e. repair of safety


• Carry out Banking/Signalman duties as and when required.

• Prepare lifting plans for routine up to non-routine simple lifting operations.

• Plan and risk assess all routine up to non-routine simple crane lifting operations associated with the day-to-day running of the COMPANY platforms.

• Are aware of the hazards associated with, and on the perimeter of their work area.

• Supervise all lifting operation on COMPANY platforms, including non-routine complex lifts once approved by Integrity Division.

• Complete reports, lifting operation risk assessments, logs and other documentation, as required.

• Have sufficient general engineering knowledge of loose lifting equipment to carry out daily inspection routines.

• Assist Crane Operator Maintainer & Maintainers in carrying out routine crane lubrication duties in accordance with specified lubrication schedules.

• Assist in maintaining the cranes in a clean and tidy condition, including cabs, machinery housing and external surfaces.

• Assist CONTRACTOR’s Crane maintenance personnel in performance of routine maintenance, repair activities and equipment change-out.

• Carry out platform emergency duties under the direction of nominated personnel.

• Be multi-skilled in other platform duties including operating of firefighting equipment and undertaking fire standby and deck duties, when required.

Lifting operation support for shutdowns, major plant maintenance campaigns can be supplemented by CONTRACTORS Project Engineer and Ad-Hoc Crew as required.

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